Monday, September 17, 2007

I've always wanted to try anchovies on pizza. I've never tried them and people (most of whom have likely never even seen a pizza with anchovies in their life, much less tried it) hate anchovies on pizza.

I decided to try it for myself.

We ordered a pizza with anchovies on it tonight - um... I didn't like it. I can add that to curry (and the related cumin and turmeric spices), which is pretty well the only other food I really don't like... Not bad - I'm not a very picky eater.

I'm glad I tried it but anchovies on pizza - not my favourite. Sara liked it though.

The rest is hers. I get the rest of the other pizza - with hot peppers and suicide sauce. Washed down with a grape soda it was perfect. Then a couple of sips of Dr. Pepper (the drinks came free with the order) after for dessert. Mmmm! Now I'm hungry again.

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