Thursday, November 29, 2007

So I found something out the other day. Some pay phones now have a txt messaging feature... there's a keyboard and for 10 cents, you can send anyone a text message on their cell phone. That's entertainment value for my 1/10th of a dollar. I sent my sister some message that ended up being something like:

"Hi, I am sending you a msg frm a payphon ^ga ^ga love lucand sara"

The ^ga part was some key i pressed and the backspace didn't work - sort of made it funnier anyways.

Yesterday I wanted to send her a message that says "I like pie" but the telephone that said "Text Messaging Phone" or something like that didn't have text messaging. Every time I see one of the phones I think "Ok, who else can I send dumb text messages to?" - so if anyone wants dumb messages from me, let me know. I'm saving up my dimes!

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