Friday, January 04, 2008

Here's some major news: I had grapefruit tonight!

I know you're thinking "how is that news?"

Well here's the deal. When I was a baby or a really young kid I don't know - apparently I had grapefruit and REALLY didn't like it. It made me sick. So ever since then, as well as with the fact that I don't really like the taste/smell, I never had grapefruit.

Now, thirty some years later, I had a piece of grapefruit. It looked really good. Since I have a cold, I can only taste about half so maybe that helped too. But it wasn't too bad. I'm not gonna eat like 3 at a time like someone who lives with me but I'm glad I tried some.

Oh, and speaking of trying things - I learned recently that the kind of sushi I like actually had raw fish in it. Who knew? Had a bunch of kinds the other night, raw fish and all. Is niiiiice!

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