Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our dream for many years now has been to buy a boat. Not a little rowboat or a rubber dinghy... but a yacht. We've looked at all sizes and types - from small overnighter boats to huge megayachts.

We've pretty well settled on a 39' Azimut.

For years we've been doing research, learning about boating in general, learning more about what we'd like and how to do stuff with the boat.

For months now, we've been trying to find a name. It doesn't sound complicated but can really be tougher than it seems. You need to find something that reflects you, that's creative, but not too weird that you feel silly every time you use it when calling into a marina or filling out government paperwork.

Our list of possible names is really long going from really boring to really funny or stuff you'd never see on a boat because it would scare the neighbours or little kids haha - I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore.

Anyways, the one we've pretty well "settled" on is: Never Settle.

It describes us. It describes our boat. It describes our life.

As Paris Hilton would say... Loves it.

Now all we need is to get the money to buy it...

I can't wait!
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