Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I went to pick up my bike today from the repair place. It wasn't ready. We walked around for a few hours and went back. They don't have a part. Then the guy said he'll do the overhaul we ordered but just charge us for a tune-up (about $40 instead of $100 - the overhaul is a major tune up where they basically clean and repack just about every piece that moves). Cool!

Also got film developed. I had no idea what was on it since it had been so long (just found a disposable camera and a film from a few years ago). The camera had a bunch of pictures of all kinds of things. You don't care. And the film didn't work. The girl said she was able to get 5 pictures or so from it. They were fuzzy, grainy, and you pretty well couldn't see anything. They didn't charge for it. I'm always impressed when they do that since they do the work, it's your fault for bringing in an old film, but they don't charge. That was nice. And the disposable camera had prepaid processing (we paid $2 for one-hour processing) so everything cost us $2.

And Sara found a nickel, then later a penny (which we both thought was a dime) on the floor. So she came back 6 cents richer. Not a bad day. Maybe I shoulda bought a lottery ticket.

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