Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm not posting much on here lately. I've been updating Twitter more often. I'm a busy guy you know. And having to think of, and type a post, seems so long. Maybe I should post through audio since really, I have a lot to say, just never have much of a chance to sit here and actually type it in.

We've been working less hours lately... Work smarter not harder. That's how I roll. So we work 3 days a week. Sara calls it early retirement. Did I mention that already? If so, ignore me. So I'm not necessarily on the computer much - we're out walking and biking a lot. We love it. But lately, when I get online I get into what I call a YouTube loop. I'll watch one video (a prank or something) then see another related video I want to watch, then another and before you know it, I've got a list of 5 or 6 I want to watch later and can't leave because I keep finding new ones.

Oh, and last night, I sent an e-mail to Craig Ferguson - a late night talk show that reads funny e-mails (Sara loves the show). I sent:


I think my wife has a crush on you. Could you make sure you don't act too sexy?



I've been telling Sara I sent something but she wants to be surprised if he reads it on the air. So she has no idea what the e-mail says. I keep telling her (probably 10-15 times today) "Oh, we can't forget... We should watch Craig Ferguson tonight." Yes, annoying, but oh so much fun.

We took some vacation time lately - 1 week, then took an extra week off. Then we worked a week and thought we could really use a couple of weeks off before the summer ends. So here we are in the middle of week 1. I did a bit of music today... It was fun.

So you're (sorta) caught up. Time to go park my a** in front of the television for a bit... I am on vacation after all.

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