Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I havent' posted here much - I've been posting mostly on my Twitter and posting here when I've got a longer post to make... But lately, who has the time?

Ok so... We walked over 15 kms (about 10 miles) today. It's the second time we did that walk and it was actually realy tiring. It's not too bad since we walk a lot but I think it's sort of my limit. We used to be exhausted walking half that but our endurance has been increasing a lot.

We've been doing a three month variation of boot camp. Basically, we do a lot of physical activity consistently 5 days a week. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we go to the gym, one day I climbed 28 flights of stairs in my breaks from the gym.

We're seeing results. We've been losing weight quite a bit for the past few years... ever since we sold our car, got rid of cable, and moved downtown. The other day, I tried on a pair of waterproof pants I had like 15 yrs ago... they hadn't fit for a long time. But they absolutely fit me. Yay!

It's been a lot of work - we've been eating well too (which is sometimes tough and sometimes easy because for some crazy reason we crave vegetables lately)... We don't go to extremes but we eat well. It's all worth it.

We're on week 5 of boot camp and we actually love it. Tomorrow (when we give our feet a rest from today's walk) it's either the gym or some sorta cardio kickboxing stuff in our living room...

Sara says I have chicken legs. And I keep touching above my chest and realizing how bony I've become. Not in a bad way, just nice to feel the bone more than the fat... I keep hearing that song for a gym that plays on TV in the new year "don't wanna be the fat guy" - sorta motivating haha

We basically treat our fitness and stuff as an extra job. It's nice to see on the scale that I'm at the weight I was in 1998 or so.

Besides that, we've been working on doing more of what we love in our career/work. A few months ago, we decided to "work smarter, not harder". Sara called it semi-retirement, I think sort of as a joke. But it's turned out that's exactly what we did. We started out working mondays, wednesdays and fridays... then that schedule was too hectic for us (really, who has that kinda time? haha). So now, we work a few hours, when it's convenient, a few times a week.

And we've been slowly working on building up the type of work we enjoy... My formal education was in radio broadcasting and I'd always been into music/radio stuff. But in my work, I moved further and further away from it. So now I'm moving back towards it. Whether it's doing some movie trailer voicing (even just for fun) or whatever, I'm enjoying doing more creative stuff. And I've been working actively on making sound effects. Yup, Luc the sound designer. And no cheesy, junky sound effects. I've been making movie trailer sounds, alarm sounds, all kinds of stuff that even impresses me when I listen to it. And I can be really picky with my own work sometimes.

So anyways, if you're still reading, I'm impressed. I've never posted anything this long before I don't think. Give yerself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Peace. Me out.

Wow. A post on my birthday. Thank you!

Are you aware you have a rather enduring fan base?

So nice to read some new "world according to confused!"

You & Sara seem to be doing well, taking care of yourselves and each other. Wonderful!

Do you still like cheese? How do you feel about string cheese? I'm addicted.

Hey Dissy! Took me forever to reply to this.

Glad to see you're still around haha! Yes, cheese is still on my list of great things. I had some stringy type salty cheese today that my sister bought me as a present.

Regular stringy cheese is also very good.

I'm hungry again.
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