Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things have been real busy lately...

We spent November, December and January in boot camp mode. We were doing active stuff 5 days a week... Lots of walking, the gym, climbing stairs (28 floors one day) etc.

I lost another approx. 10 lbs.

The funny thin is my motivation over the last few years, was hearing the song from a gym in the U.S., on a tv ad that played at the new year, where a guy sings in a high voice "don't wanna be the fat guy"... If you know the ad, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Well, I was the fat guy for a while. I remember calling my boss from when I was a teenager and he says "oh, skinny Luc" - I was thinking "not anymore"... I never really thought about my skinniness but looking back I was pretty skinny when I was a teenager. I biked a lot, moved a lot in college and the job I had when I graduated college was one where I was moving pretty well constantly.

Anyways, then I started working crazy hours, building my business. And I put on some weight. We moved to a smaller town with nothing to do and no public transportation. So we bought a car. Then I put on more weight. I actually didn't weigh myself at my heaviest but I figure I was about 255-265... Could be more I don't know but around there. I'm 6'3" so I wasn't huge or anything... yet.

Anyways, we moved back to the city, sold our car and moved downtown. We can walk pretty well anywhere. And we do. Being cheap and fat is a good combination. Do I give the bus driver my $2 or do I keep it and just walk home?

So anyways, I'm down to 214 as of this morning. Since Christmas, I lost about 5 lbs which is nice... losing weight over Christmas can be sorta rare. So I'm down somewhere around 40-50 lbs. My pant size went from 42, to 38, then 34... And those are loose I noticed in the last few days... My jeans as a teenager were 32... And I think that might be close to what I'm gonna have to buy next time I buy jeans.

We've been losing weight consistently over 2.5 years. Not only keeping it off, but continuing to lose it.

Weird things happen when you lose weight. Your clothes feel loose and you think it's the clothes that stretched. You feel bones you didn't remember you had... You start to feel your collarbone. You notice your ribs more and more. You touch your face quickly and it hurts a bone which used to be covered with fat. You put your legs together in bed and your knees knock together you gotta space them out a little. And in the last few days, I've been noticing the shape of my face has been changing... The areas next to my chin are more defined and it's tough to explain but on the sides of my face, the front is skinnier than the back instead of being a big round head.

Shaving's easier to do. I have more energy when I walk up stairs and when I'm... well... in the bedroom. Interesting things I didn't think about as a problem before but that suddenly are easier.

So what did we do? Well, we thought we were eating well before but looking back,. we really weren't.

We eat well... and actually eat better and better... losing weight makes you want to eat better.

And we move. A lot. My motto has been, for some time now, work smarter not harder. So in our business, we've arranged it so we're working less hours, but accomplishing more. We work short hours, get whatever needs to be done, done. And we treat our exercise/weight loss as another job. There is always a way and we've found what works well for us. We love walking around downtown, looking around, talking to people, etc.

We're on part 2 of our big workout project now... We call it bus camp. We've bought bus passes and take buses wherever 5 days (sometimes 6) a week... It's a way to do it dfifferently and we always fit a lot of walking in wherever we go.

Looking over what we've been doing over the past months (where we've kept track) and years, it hasn't been easy. It's taken a lot of work. But we love it. Never again will I be the fat guy. It keeps me going! Bus camp 2009! Woooooooooooooo!

Thanks to Sara too for being a part of it... couldn't have done it without ya!

thank you
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