Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's non-stop entertainment in my life.

Today, Sunday, is usually the day where I do nothing. Really nothing. I get up, sit in front of the tv, and then go to bed again. That's pretty well it.

But my nephew had a birthday party and I figured I'd go.

So I thought I'd take a nice bike ride.

In the first 10 mins of my bike ride I:

Hit the back of a minivan.
Busted my brake cable.
Broke my pedal.
Had my route blocked by a parade.
Got a flat.

Then, the day didn't get much better very quick... Came home decided to buy my new bike now instead of next year.

The shop was closed. Took a bus. On the way there, almost was blocked by the same parade but we were able to make it before the police motorcycles got to our point... Took the bus, and turns out they changed the route. So I'm sitting way off from where I"m supposed to be to catch another bus... Finally caught that bus, then had to wait 25 mins for the next one, a bus that goes by every 30 mins.

Then, though, it got better. We spotted $5 on the ground, the bus driver went out of her way to get us to our destination quicker by taking a different route, we made it to the party, late, but oh well.

We got nice fancy parting cookies then walked alllllll the way home... which is far, and turned out to be full of mosquitoes... man I'm glad I live downtown and not in the suburbs. We don't have mosquitoes here. Well very few if any.

Oh well... That's over. Maybe tomorrow I'll be the proud owner of this bike...

Now I'm gonna head out to watch justin.tv.

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