Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There should be a name for the range of emotions you feel when you go to the vending machine (which I call the "dream machine") and buy something, and it just hangs there... without dropping down. So you have to buy a second one of the same thing, hoping that both will drop.

1) Confusion... Why am I not getting my treat?
2) Narrowing down options... Do I walk away? Do I buy another one? Will the second one drop? Is there someone I can call? Do I shake the machine?
3) Problem solving... Trying to shake the machine (which very rarely works).
4) Panic... Do I have enough money for a second one?
5) Disappointment... If I buy two of the same, I don't get two different things. But I've spent my $1.35 already. And I can't waste it.
6) Acceptance... Put another $1.35 in and walk away with your two identical treats.
7) Enjoyment... Two bags of Doritos are better than 1 bag of Doritos.

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